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Caesium removal from waste water
17 August, 2023
Treating acidic wastewater containing radioactive 137Cs presents challenges in adsorption due to potential structural damage to adsorbents in acidic conditions and strong competition from protons. A novel layered calcium thiostannate (KCaSnS) that contains Ca2+ as a dopant opens a new way of designing high-performance adsorbents for caesium removal.

Nuclear energy disputes: What can India learn from global trends?
18 April, 2023
As one of the world’s most active regions for nuclear development, India is pinning a lot of hope on nuclear power. How can the supply chain mitigate project risks within India’s legal framework?

Cyberthreats need continual vigilance
23 March, 2023
Nuclear industry organisations should look to invest in cyber defence even if there appears to be a lull in attacks. They should also be prepared for the event of a successful attack given that preparation provides a paper trail for regulatory authorities.

When does new nuclear become investable?
05 January, 2023
The UK is grappling with the problem of inviting the private sector to invest in new nuclear without interest driving up the price. Its solution cuts costs – but transfers the risk to consumers

A young professional’s guide to working in the nuclear energy sector
22 November, 2022
For individuals interested in entering the field of nuclear energy, now is the best time to do so.

Reinvented: The Dual Fluid principle
24 August, 2022
High efficiency is a key differentiator of the new nuclear power technology being developed by Dual Fluid. Instead of fuel rods, a Dual Fluid reactor contains two circulating fluids: one carries the fuel and the other extracts the heat. This concept “completely redefines nuclear power”, the start-up says. The Dual Fluid principle enables nuclear fuel to be utilised “up to a hundred times better than in today’s light water reactors”, while the “operating temperature of 1000°C enables new heat applications”.

Innovative robotics for radwaste management
05 April, 2022
A robotic-assisted handling system is being developed in the Virero project to categorise and sort radioactive waste components. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. By Frank Querfurth and Carsten Demel

Keeping a close eye on nuclear waste
11 November, 2021
A new inspection system should increase the speed and effectiveness of visual inspection of waste at Sellafield

Regulating change – the challenge facing US reprocessing
06 October, 2021
As used nuclear fuel continues to pile up in the US, the need to find a solution other than repositories has never been more pressing. Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with the American Nuclear Society’s Sven Bader and Steven Nesbit about how technology can help address the issue and what regulators need to do now to avert a bigger problem in the future

Using robots to clear the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo
02 September, 2021
Cavendish Nuclear and Sellafield have embraced robots in handling legacy intermediate level waste at the Pile Fuel Cladding Silo

The light at the end of the tunnel
14 July, 2021
In May 2001, the proposal to construct a high-level waste repository at Eurajoki near Finland’s Olkiluoto nuclear plant was approved by lawmakers.

IAEA drone for emergencies
15 April, 2021
A new drone-based technology, developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for use in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, enables radiological measurements to be done in contaminated areas

First Light gives it its best shot
25 March, 2021
First Light Fusion believes its new plant design for projectile-based inertial fusion, with a lower frequency of shots, but higher fusion energy yield per shot, could result in an economically viable plant as small as 150MW. But the next key step, postponed from the end of 2019, is to achieve first fusion. James Varley reports

Confidence in copper coating
18 March, 2021
A research review by Canada’s Nuclear Waste Management Organization found that copper coating undergoes little corrosion and can maintain its role in containment of nuclear fuel

Helping hand for Fuqing
27 August, 2020
The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), is helping two new Hualong One reactors under construction at China’s Fuqing nuclear power plant to achieve a safe and reliable startup

Legal framework for nuclear ships
06 August, 2020
Iris Bjelica Vlajić discusses the legal framework and grounds for indemnity for nuclear ships

COVID-19 impacts nuclear industry worldwide
26 March, 2020
NEI takes a look at how the nuclear industry is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and what measures are being put in place by companies throughout the industry

The lingering ghost of Chernobyl
09 July, 2019
Thirty-three years on as the tales of Chernobyl are being told to a new, younger audience, John Lindberg calls on the nuclear sector to start talking about radiation.

A new wipe test methodology
28 May, 2019
Double sided adhesive tapes have been used instead of wipe pads in two radioactive treatment centres to check containers and drums for surface contamination. Marina Sokcic-Kostic, Frank Scheuermann and Christoph Klein introduce the new approach.

Look North: Small is beautiful
03 April, 2019
Rumyana Vakarelska reports from the Nordic Nuclear Forum, where small modular reactors were a focus of discussion.

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