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Revising BWR emergency procedures
18 November, 2013
The BWR Owners’ Group has completed a revision of emergency procedure guidelines in light of lessons from Fukushima. By Bill Williamson, Jay Lyter, Dan Roniger and Phillip Ellison

Decommissioning of José Cabrera NPP
07 November, 2013
The reactor vessel and internals of this Spanish PWR will be sectioned in the spent fuel pool, transferred in a shielded container and then boxed for temporary storage in its old turbine building. By Manuel Rodríguez, Manuel Ondaro, Jorge Borque and Nieves Martín

Emergency diesel generators: four challenges
18 October, 2013
As well as to having to meet increasing customer requirements in a post-Fukushima world, emergency diesel generator suppliers face challenges relating to fuel supply, emissions regulations and control systems. By Laurent Tessier and Eric Huet

Lightbridge signs up B&W for pilot metallic fuel factory
16 October, 2013
Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Energy, Inc. and Lightbridge Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore joint development of a pilot-scale facility to demonstrate fabrication of Lightbridge’s metallic uranium-zirconium alloy nuclear fuel.

Conversion: Is renewal on the way?
07 October, 2013
During the past year, the market for converting uranium ore concentrates (U3O8) to natural uranium hexafluoride (UF6) was stable relative to the uranium and enrichment markets despite some mixed signals. By Eileen Supko and Thomas Meade

Pipe wall thinning inspection using EMAR
11 September, 2013
The electromagnetic acoustic resonance (EMAR) method provides accurate and stable evaluation of thickness of pipes, regardless of geometry. Demonstrated at unit 2 of the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Japan, it has the added advantages of being non-contact, relatively easy to use and enabling a reduction of inspection time. By Toshiyuki Takagi, Ryoichi Urayama, Toshiaki Ichihara, Tetsuya Uchimoto, Taku Ohira and Takayoshi Kikuchi

Treatment of PWR evaporator concentrates
19 August, 2013
A process to decontaminate borates has been demonstrated at the pilot scale. By Bernard Rottner

European power outlook
23 July, 2013
Although public opinion turned against nuclear power after Fukushima, from a national energy planning perspective it would be unreasonable for Europe to omit nuclear energy from its generation mix. By Neha Vikash

Dealing with legacy SNF
21 July, 2013
Plans to remove and store legacy spent nuclear fuel from marine applications in Russia are well-advanced. By S. A. Dushev and A. V. Timofeev.

Laser scanning: Compact 3D sensors for nuclear inspection
15 July, 2013
Increasingly powerful sensors, clever electronics and software are bringing 3D laser scanning into all sorts of difficult nuclear environments. By Matt Mellor

Eyes inside: radiation-tolerant CCTV
12 July, 2013
Radiation-tolerant camera systems that can continuously monitor key areas of plant and equipment are becoming increasingly important as nuclear power plant operators look to reduce outage time and minimize dose. Caroline Peachey looks at some of the designs.

Taking apart Greifswald, two ways
26 June, 2013
Experience dismantling Germany’s Greifswald nuclear power plant has shown that both the conventional cutting strategy and large component management strategy can be successful. However, the latter option is often favoured when considering economic and radiological factors. By Ralf Borchardt

Formula One operations
07 June, 2013
A race can be won or lost in the pit lane—and what was seemingly impossible yesterday becomes today’s standard as experience and new technologies combine. Most nuclear capacity loss is directly attributable to planned outages; these can be reduced efficiently and safely by all operators willing to invest in improvements. With a focused effort, a global nuclear fleet capacity factor of over 90% is achievable.

Court rules in favour of Kudankulam
14 May, 2013
India’s Supreme Court has found in favour of commissioning Kudankulam 1&2, in judgement of a lawsuit filed in September 2012 arguing that starting up the plant violated local residents’ human rights, and which objected to other aspects of the plant’s development.

Developing the FLEX plan
10 May, 2013
All US nuclear power plants have used a four-step process to develop diverse, flexible strategies to protect against extended loss of power resulting from beyond design basis events. These so-called FLEX plans have now been submitted to the US regulator. By Mike Powell, Jeff Taylor and Susan Baier

The great SMR race
03 May, 2013
The global race for commercialization of small modular reactors remains wide open. There are around 15 serious contenders for deployment in the coming two decades, including designs from the US, Russia, China, South Korea and Argentina. By Cataldo Vigoroso and Jonathan Hinze

Reporting on Fukushima
26 April, 2013
A survey of two Belgian newspapers shows that around half of the articles published in the aftermath of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident focused on domestic or international issues. Given the link between mass media and public policy, such coverage could have real effects on a country's nuclear energy programme. By Tanja Perko and Catrinel Turcanu

Shortage of qualified EU nuclear personnel
24 April, 2013
A comparison of the supply of nuclear experts by the nuclear education and training infrastructure in EU-27 and the demand by the nuclear energy sector of the EU has been carried out. Although at a country level the data is varied, the overall results showed that the supply of nuclear experts in the EU-27 in general covers at best only 70% of the demand for these experts within the nuclear energy sector. By Veronika Simonovska and Ulrik von Estorff

Fears from Fukushima
20 April, 2013
A task group of the International Commission on Radiological Protection reported on radiological protection issues arising from the Fukushima disaster in October 2012. ICRP said that it is already taking action, but added that these issues and recommendations will continue to influence the ICRP programme of work for years to come.

Decommissioning in Germany
27 March, 2013
Following the German government’s decision to reactivate its previous nuclear phase-out plan, its nuclear power plants are counting their days. A 2012 report from the German nuclear technical support agency GRS outlines the German decommissioning market and its rules and regulations.

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