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30 May 2023
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Raising ambition on nuclear decomm
Working in the nuclear sector is highly specialised and demands the utmost expertise and skill, but also presents opportunities for cross-sectoral learnings. As the industry gets set for a major ramp up, experience is more important than ever.

Water balance for new build nuclear
Arrangements around water supplies and discharges are critical for the UK’s next planned EPR at Sizewell which is being built in Suffolk, an area described as water stressed.

Will 2023 be the year of energy metals?
The energy transition has driven a boom in exploration for so-called ‘energy metals’ required for low-carbon power generation and newly commercial technologies such as batteries. The rising tide is also lifting interest in uranium.

Waste disposal: Engineering the key nuclear challenge
Scientists agree that geological disposal is the best solution when considering the very long-term storage of high activity nuclear waste materials but to develop such a massive engineering project requires community buy-in from the get go.

Franco-British nuclear collaboration
France and the UK stand alone in Western Europe with the scope of their highly ambitious civil nuclear programmes. If these goals are to be achieved the special relationship between these two nations will be critical to developing the skills necessary.

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