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14 November 2018
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Analysing activation products
German researchers are working on a new method for assessing waste arising from decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

Offering new clear visibility
By leveraging the latest innovations in data science, the North American nuclear industry alone could generate $4bn in savings over the next three years.

The cost of abandoning nuclear
Two recent reports indicate that unless nuclear energy is meaningfully incorporated into the global mix of low carbon energy technologies, the challenge of climate change will be more difficult and costly to address.

Tracking casks
New nuclear countries face challenges designing systems for safe and secure transport of nuclear materials. M. I. Youssef, M. Elzorkany, G. F. Sultan and Hassan F. Morsi, propose an embedded system for tracking casks.

Decontamination at Biblis A&B
A new process was used to achieve decontamination factors of up to 85, with the added benefit of utilising only existing plant systems. Anna Prüllage, Markus Thoma, Laura Schneider, Hartmut Runge and Markus Becker present the results from full system decontamination of Germany’s Biblis A&B.

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