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11 April 2021
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Innovative engineering for trenchless renovation and decommissioning of pipes worldwide


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Innovative, effective and flexible solutions to produce cleaner energy and improve air quality


Fukushima Ten Years On: A TEPCO perspective
Akira Ono describes how the unprecedented challenge of safely decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi is being met.

Keeping a record
Nuclear decommissioning is a complex process involving a range of stakeholders and creating an array of paper, digital and other records that need to be preserved to support day-to-day operations and beyond. A recent webinar examined the archiving challenge in more detail.

Virtual simulation for Chinese plant
China is using virtual reality and process modelling to create a virtual simulation system to train nuclear power plant operators and managers. By Yang Cheng, Li Ang, Chen Zhi, Min Yuan, Wu Zhiqiang, Jia Yige, Han Wenxing, and Yang Youwei

SGs dismantled at Mülheim-Kärlich
Bilfinger has successfully dismantled two 450t steam generators at Germany’s Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant, marking an important decommissioning milestone

First Light gives it its best shot
First Light Fusion believes its new plant design for projectile-based inertial fusion, with a lower frequency of shots, but higher fusion energy yield per shot, could result in an economically viable plant as small as 150MW. But the next key step, postponed from the end of 2019, is to achieve first fusion. James Varley reports

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