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28 February 2024
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Tyne USA Inc

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Manufactures forgings and seamless rolled rings, in any type of steel and non-ferrous alloys

Digitising the Nuclear Decommissioning journey


Net zero nuclear: Momentum to action
It is beginning to feel inevitable that many nations will include nuclear energy among their key tools to mitigate climate change, but to do so at a palatable cost means a laser-like focus on the right project management strategy if positive sentiment is to be translated into positive action.

Critical service in SMR development
There is considerable interest in the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) market but, as it stands, no design has yet become commercially available. What are the key points needed to unlock the technology’s great promise?

Audits and the waste data trail
The layered system of governance for nuclear materials generates huge volumes of data across multiple stakeholders in multiple jurisdictions. Now, blockchain technology may help to address a major data challenge faced by the nuclear industry.

INL's microreactor: A MARVEL machine
The MARVEL microreactor is on a fast track to development at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) where it will be the point of the spear on advanced microreactor deployment.

The case for a nuclear Kazakhstan
As the world shifts towards clean and sustainable energy, Kazakhstan stands on the cusp of a significant move into nuclear energy. President Tokayev has suggested a national referendum to gauge the country’s position on building a nuclear power plant (NPP), setting the stage for an in-depth discussion about our energy trajectory.

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