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22 September 2023
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Addressing the nuclear gender gap
From the earliest days of nuclear and radiological scientists and engineers, women have been pioneers in the sector – so why, despite ongoing efforts to address the imbalance, are there still so few women working in the field? A new report, which features the first publicly available international data on gender balance in the nuclear sector, reflects the latest thinking.

Replacing Russia
Russia’s nuclear sector continues its steady development despite ongoing hostilities in Ukraine and the associated sanctions regime which has, so far, not included nuclear. However, longer term, prospects remain cloudy.

Steam generator controls analysis
The steam generator level control system is a key instrumentation and control subsystem to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants. However, it is one of the most complex subsystems with more than 80 components and multiple failure modes. A Boolean Logic Driven Markov Process (BDMP) model offers better reliability analysis and a better maintenance strategy than traditional methods.

Asia’s nuclear power plans
The number of nuclear reactors is increasing in Asia and decreasing in Western Europe and North America. It’s setting the scene for a battle for global dominance.

A new age for US nuclear
With the commissioning of Vogtle Unit 3, the USA has completed its first new reactor in decades. Featuring a Gen III+ reactor, completion of the project is a breakthrough that potentially signals a new era for nuclear power.

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