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14 October 2019
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Advanced Ceramic Materials



R. A. Hiller Co.


Smart solutions for valves
Christopher Gill examines opportunities for digital instrument optimization in the nuclear industry, particularly the advantages of smart positioners and digital valve controllers for condition monitoring.

Small reactors, big opportunity for MENA
The Middle East and North Africa region is typically known for its oil and gas, but as Ian Jackson explains, smaller nuclear reactors have the potential to drive economic growth in the region over the next decade.

New fuel for Temelín 1
Westinghouse VVER-1000 fuel has been loaded into Temelín 1 for the first time in almost a decade. Jan Höglund and Ulf Benjaminsson introduce the latest design.

China’s fusion roadmap
As well as being a world leader in the construction of new fission power stations China is making huge contributions in nuclear fusion research, as Yuntao Song reveals.

Benchmarking nuclear and aviation security
The nuclear and aviation sectors should work together more closely on security, says Roger Howsley, as he previews a forthcoming international report on the topic.

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