Westinghouse and its subsidiary WesDyne International has been awarded another long-term contract for reactor pressure vessel nozzle inspection at Leibstadt nuclear power plant in Switzerland.

Westinghouse has been performing inspections at the plant for the past ten years. Under the new contract the company will qualify the Liebstadt mechanized ultrasonic inspection system using a state-of-the-art phased array technique, and will conduct annual inspections of eight different nozzle types at the plant.

There are 56 reactor pressure vessel nozzles at Liebstadt, a 1275MW boiling water reactor, with each nozzle having up to three welds. Westinghouse says that a total of 127 welds will be inspected over the duration of the contract, which will run for six years and includes an option to extend for four additional years.

The contract will be executed primarily out of Westinghouse’s facility in Mannheim and will be supported by an international team of experts from WesDyne.

WesDyne is the nondestructive inspection branch of Westinghouse Electric Company. The company’s inspection capabilities cover all key NDE areas such as ultrasonic, visual, eddy current, magnetic particle, dye penetrant and X-ray.

Photo: Leibstadt nuclear plant