US-based Westinghouse Electric Company has signed a contract with China’s Liaoning Nuclear Power Company Ltd and China Nuclear Power Engineering Company Ltd (CNPE) to supply Instrument and Control (I&C) systems for units 1&2 of the Xudabao NPP. Xudabao 1&2 are CAP1000 reactor units – the Chinese- designed version of the Westinghouse AP1000.

The Xudabao plant was originally planned to have six CAP1000 reactors, with units 1&2 in the first phase. Site preparation began in 2010 and the National Development & Reform Commission approved the project in 2011. The National Nuclear Safety Administration approved the site selection for Xudabao 1&2 in 2014, with the option for four more units. However, in 2018 Rosatom signed a framework contract for the serial construction of the two VVER-1200 reactors at Xudabao with the possibility of building further units in the future.

Westinghouse’s digital I&C platform was installed in the AP1000 reactors located in Sanmen NPP, Zhejiang Province and Haiyang NPP, Shandong Province. The optimised design reduces the number of components, simplifying the operating maintenance of the nuclear power plant, while improving operating margin.

“We are proud to join the Xudabao project in support of the Northeast China Revitalisation initiative and clean-energy transition process,” said Patrick Fragman, Westinghouse President & CEO. “The outstanding operating performance of China AP1000 reactors, and the rich experiences collected from these projects, bring significant economic and environmental benefits to the region.”

Image: Westinghouse, Liaoning Nuclear Power Co, and China Nuclear Power Engineering Co have signed an agreement to supply I&C systems for Xudapu NPP in Northeast China (courtesy of Westinghouse)