Westinghouse Electric Company has received a contract from Finnish utility TVO to provide two new traversing incore probe (TIP) systems for the Olkiluoto 1&2 boiling water reactors.

The TIP systems are used to calibrate incore neutron flux detectors, which monitor power distribution within the reactor core and determine whether thermal limits are being satisfied.

The contract, which will be executed jointly by Westinghouse and its parent company Toshiba Corporation, calls for the manufacture and installation of 28 new guide tubes and the provision of electrical installation and instrument and control (I&C) cubicles.

Westinghouse Electric Sweden will manage the overall project, including the mechanical/electrical installation and commissioning.

Most of the equipment will be manufactured and assembled in Japan, and is scheduled for delivery to the Olkiluoto site in January 2016. Delivery will follow factory acceptance testing, which Westinghouse says is expected to be conducted in December 2015 prior to shipping. Installation of the TIP systems is planned during scheduled outages at Olkiluoto 1 in 2016 and Olkiluoto 2 in 2017.

Photo: Olkiluoto 1&2 (Credit: Hannu Huovila/TVO)