Westinghouse Electric Company has announced plans to establish a Clean Energy Technology Park at the Springfields nuclear licensed site in Lancashire in the UK.

Springfields has been manufacturing nuclear fuel for more than 75 years.

Westinghouse said the Clean Energy Technology Park will be a "vibrant innovation campus" that will be open to technology developers, supply chain and academia to co-locate and collaborate to develop and demonstrate advanced nuclear technologies.

The park will also be a centre of excellence for nuclear materials management. It will exist alongside Westinghouse's fuel manufacturing facilities already on the Springfields site.

"The Clean Energy Technology Park at Springfields will be the place to invest, innovate and grow nuclear in the UK," said Brian Nixon, Westinghouse's managing director, UK fuel operations.

"We are absolutely delighted to be able to welcome industry, academia and developers to collaborate with us in order to help realise the UK's Net Zero commitment by 2050."

Springfields is a key player in the UK’s Northern Powerhouse. It is also at the centre of the North-West Nuclear Arc, a network of nuclear sites stretching from Cumbria to North Wales.

Westinghouse said there are significant benefits of locating at the site, including working on an established nuclear site licence; environmental permits allowing a broad range of activities; large areas of land available for development; access to world-class people and facilities; as well as  regulatory and compliance support.