Gundremmingen nuclear plant (Photo credit: KKG)Westinghouse Electric Company announced it has signed a contract on 10 December with RWE Nuclear GmbH to dismantle two reactors in the Gundremmingen nuclear facility in Germany.

“This is one of the most technically demanding scopes in the decommissioning of the Gundremmingen site,” said Plant Manager Dr Heiko Ringel. “For this reason, we selected Westinghouse as an experienced partner who can efficiently and reliably manage the complexity of the project at the highest level of safety and quality.”

Westinghouse has executed decommissioning scopes over the last decadeincluding the dismantling and safe removal of reactors in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, the UK, Sweden and the USA. “We appreciate the trust that RWE has placed in Westinghouse to deliver this critical phase of the Gundremmingen decommissioning project,” said Sam Shakir, President of Environmental Services at Westinghouse. 

The contract includes several scopes to deliver higher efficiency in execution. This includes dismantling and packaging of the reactor pressure vessels, reactor heads, reactor internals, storage racks, and adjacent concrete shielding structures.

Gundremmingen nuclear power plant in Germany (photo credit: KKG)