Sweden’s Vattenfall has prepared an increase in the power of the Forsmark NPP unit 1 reactor by just over 100MWe, half of which can be done during the next maintenance period in autumn.

“Vattenfall wants to offer electricity customers in southern Sweden more electricity by increasing the power of Forsmark 1,” said Torbjörn Wahlborg, Nordic production manager at Vattenfall. “We have the opportunity to increase electricity production for this reactor without major technical measures corresponding to the annual consumption in about 200,000 apartments or 50,000 villas. We have submitted applications to the responsible authorities and hope to receive a positive message soon in order to be able to contribute with even more fossil-free electricity.”

The Forsmark nuclear power plant in Uppland has three reactors with 990MWe (unit 1), 1121 MWe (unit 2) and 1172 MWe (unit 3). The power at the Forsmark 2 reactor was increased by just over 100MWe in 2013. Forsmark 1 has been modernised to ensure long-term operation and the infrastructure has been upgraded. It provides the opportunity to license the facility for a higher power.

“An increase in power of Forsmark 1 can be an important power supplement in electricity area 3, not least in winter when electricity shortages can occur in the southern electricity areas in really cold weather, said Björn Linde, CEO of the Forsmark and Ringhals NPPs. “Sweden needs more planned electricity production in southern Sweden and we can increase the effect at Forsmark 1 with relatively small measures by 50MWe this year and another 50MWe next year.

Forsmark, Sweden's largest electricity generator, produced just over 25TWh last year. Nuclear power in Sweden currently accounts for just over 30% of total electricity production.

Image: Vattenfall's Forsmark NPP (Courtesy of Vattenfall)