French firm Valinox Nucléaire has won a contract to supply 750km of steam generator tubing for two Chinese nuclear reactors, Fuqing 5&6, in Fujian province.

The 1mm-thick nickel-alloy tubes are used in the steam generators and allow thermal exchange between the pressurized water of the primary loop coming from the reactor and the steam of the secondary loop rotating the turbine.

The contract from China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) also enables Valinox Nucléaire to obtain qualification for CNNC’s new ACP1000 reactor design, the company says. The ACP1000 is a 1100 MW-capacity Generation III pressurized water reactor that was developed entirely in China.

Fuqing 5&6, which have yet to start construction, are officially designated as ACP1000 pressurized water reactors. However, the newer ACC1000 is also under consideration for the site. In addition, ACP1000 reactors are also planned for Pakistan’s Karachi Coastal Nuclear Power Project.

"With this new order for the Chinese nuclear market which represents half of the worldwide nuclear market, we strengthen our global leadership in tubes for steam generators, " said Nicolas de Coignac, Vallourec’s Director in charge of the power busines.

"By qualifying for the new Chinese standard, our subsidiary Valinox Nucléaire confirms its reputation for technical excellence in the critical tubes located in a plant’s primary loop, and enables us to reaffirm our determination to support our Chinese customers in their ambitious nuclear programme."

Photo: Tubing (Source Vallourec)