USEC announced, 3 April that it has completed construction of its 120-machine commercial demonstration cascade for the American Centrifuge project.

The cascade forms a key part of collaborative research, development and demonstration programme with the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Cascade construction involved more than 300 workers. It involved preparing the cascade for machine installation, making physical improvements to the facilities, removing existing cascade support equipment and installing new infrastructure systems.

Workers completed more than 700 structural welds, while electricians installed over 60 miles of cables, USEC said.
The project team will now focus on system testing before the cascade becomes operational later in 2013, according to USEC.

The cascade forms the "centrepiece" of the RD&D programme, which aims to support the building, installing, operating and testing of American Centrifuge technology and improve its future prospects for deployment.

According to USEC the demonstration cascade is the same design that "would be incorporated in the full commercial plant of 96 identical cascades in Piketon, Ohio."