All US-supplied toroidal field conductors for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter), under construction at Cadarache in France, have now been delivered to the European toroidal field coil winding line at ASG in La Spezia, Italy.

Iter said all certificates of acceptance have been signed for the nine lengths of conductor, totalling over 7000 metres. The US domestic agency, managed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has now completed its contribution of 8% of the toroidal field coil conductor Iter requires.

Iter will use approximately 80,000km of low-temperature, helium-cooled superconducting wire to generate the toroidal magnetic fields needed to confine the plasma inside the Iter Tokamak.


Photo: A drawing of single toroidal field coil shows the scale of the ITER Tokamak. Right: The compacted cable of superconducting strand is visible around the helium cooling channel in the middle of the completed conductor. (Source: US ITER)