US Nuclear’s says its partner, Arbok-Nuclear, has developed revolutionary new water purification technology that fully removes radioactive contamination in water, including tritium. “Arbok’s technology can be used by all nuclear power plants, national labs, and wastewater treatment facilities to completely purify radioactive water so that it can be sustainably reused as cooling water, for agriculture, or even as safe drinking water,” says US Nuclear.

In September, US Nuclear and Arbok-Nuclear formed a Strategic Alliance “for the purpose of bringing to market amazing improvements to desalination plants and rad-wastewater treatment”.

According to US Nuclear, Arbok’s technology is able to produce deuterium on an industrial scale from just seawater- “all at a mere fraction of the price of the competition”.

To produce deuterium, Arbok “simply cycles a volume of seawater through their plant 1,000 times”. Since the cost for this depends on the price of electricity, and the cost of electricity at a nuclear power plant is only 0.04 cents/kWh, “the net cost for Arbok to produce deuterium is nearly zero, compared to the high prices charged by the competition”. US Nuclear says Arbok’s technology has already been tested and validated at several NPPs “and marks a significant step forward in the quest for cleaner and safer water resources”.