An unnamed US nuclear utility has selected the GSE Systems OpenSim™ 7.0 simulation platform to be implemented across its nuclear fleet.

Standardisation of the platform will help the utility to optimise future simulation engineering work and more easily integrate future digital systems, GSE said.

The OpenSim 7.0 platform, which serves as the backbone of many nuclear training simulators, supports OPC and third party distributed control systems, as well as advanced simulation codes such as INL’s RELAP5-3D, EPRI’s MAAP and Studsvik’s S3R.

GSE’s JDashboard tool can be used for advanced monitoring and trending, providing more control over modules to help speed up debugging and enabling real-time performance and CPU load balancing.

Bahram Meyssami, GSE’s chief technology officer said that with OpenSim 7.0’s integration capabilities, its customers can “increase the fidelity of their existing training simulator and expand their use of our technology to leverage the nuclear plant simulator asset for engineering purposes, beyond the traditional training use.”