The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said on 8 April that it has proposed a $150,000 fine to Florida Power & Light Co (FPL) for falsifying plant records and recording inaccurate data in their maintenance records a the Turkey Point NPP in Florida. NRC completed two investigations in 2020 and determined that FPL employees engaged in deliberate misconduct during 2019.

The first investigation confirmed three mechanics falsified information in a work order associated with the inspection and maintenance of a safety related check valve. The second investigation confirmed that two technicians deliberately provided inaccurate information in maintenance records related to a mispositioned plant component. NRC also found that a supervisor and a department head influenced others within the department to conceal this maintenance error.

Following a pre-decisional enforcement conference with FPL on and a separate review of documents provided by FPL, NRC determined that these actions merited a Severity Level III violation under the agency's enforcement policy. FPL accepted the violations during that conference, including the wilful aspects. Details of the violation and proposed civil penalty were issued to FPL on 6 April. FPL has 30 days to pay the fine or contest the notice of violation. NRC said the violations did not result in an increased risk to the public, and FPL has initiated corrective actions to prevent a recurrence of the events.