Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has launched the construction of three new facilities at its Chalk River campus as part of a CAD1.2bn ($1bn) refurbishment. The new logistics complex, business hub and manufacturing and maintenance support facility together represent an investment of more than CAD100m. 

CNL said on 7 February that over the next decade, the Chalk River Laboratories (CRL) would upgrade essential site infrastructure, decommission ageing infrastructure and invest in new, world-class science facilities. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, on behalf of the Canadian government, is investing in the project.

“While renewal of our Chalk River site is already well underway, launching the construction process for three new state-of-the-art facilities is a major milestone in the realisation of our Long-Term Strategy,” CNL President and CEO Mark Lesinski commented.

The new Business Hub will provide modern office space for around 400 employees, relocating the Data Centre, Library,  Records Management, and the Health and Wellness Centre. Geotechnical work for the building has already been completed.
CNL’s new Support Facility will consolidate, expand and improve shop space, resulting in operational efficiencies across the campus. CNL manufacturing and maintenance operations are currently spread out among several buildings, all of which are beyond their useful life. The new building will also contain storage facilities and offices.
A new Logistics and Warehouse Building will transform the site entry point and arrival experience at the Chalk River site. The building will serve as a security checkpoint for all people and materials coming to the site, reduce traffic, and include new guardhouses, meeting rooms, and support facilities for security and warehouse employees.
Construction of the new facilities builds on recent changes to CNL’s Chalk River campus. In 2015, CNL opened a new CAD55m hydrogen laboratory complex and in 2016 a CAD100m world-class materials science laboratory. CNL is now in the final stages of commissioning its new CAD40m Tritium Laboratory. Design work is also underway on CNL’s Advanced Nuclear Materials Research Centre, which will be one of the largest active research facilities to be built in Canada, enabling research in nuclear energy, health, small modular reactors, and advanced fuels. The Request for Proposal for an Integrated Project Delivery team to complete this project is expected to be issued early in 2018.