US-based UniTech Services Group announced that it had been awarded a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management (EM) in December.

The BOA enables UniTech to conduct nationwide low-level and mixed low-level waste receiving, handling, and treatment services at EM clean-up sites.

UniTech has since officially launched decommissioning support services to current and future US nuclear reactor decommissioning sites. Waste received by UniTech will be processed at the company’s Oak Ridge Service Centre (ORSC) in Tennessee. UniTech acquired ORSC in 2016 from Babcock Services and launched its materials processing and waste management services.

Through these services, UniTech said it now decontaminates, reuses, and/or recycles 5 million pounds of customer materials each year. ORSC currently saves existing UniTech customers over $3.5 million a year in waste management costs, leveraging licensed Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) processing at reduced rates.

UniTech Services Group Director of Sales & Marketing, Gregg Johnstone, said that by combining waste management, leasing of respiratory equipment, and seamless delivery and management of all protective clothing and safety equipment needed at a decommissioning site, "UniTech is well-positioned to partner with decommissioning project managers to significantly improve the financial, carbon footprint, efficiency, and worker safety outcomes of each of the decommissioning project."