Ukraine’s nuclear utility Energoatom increased its revenues from the sale of electricity by about 10% in 2016, although total generation fell by about 8%, a statement on the company’s website said.

Energoatom, which operates 15 commercial nuclear reactors in Ukraine, earned slightly more than UAH43bn ($1.6bn) in 2016, which is 9.6% up on the UAH39.3bn earned in 2015, the company said. In 2015 Energoatom’s revenues rose by 41% and in 2014 by 35%, the statement noted.

According to Energoatom, electricity generation in 2016 decreased to 81TWh from 87.8TWh in 2015. Energoatom said its reactor fleet generates about 50% of Ukraine’s electricity, making it the largest power producer in the country.