Ukrainian engineering company Turboatom and the China’s Dongfang Electric Co signed a protocol of cooperation on 28 January. "The document provides for joint marketing activity for supply of Turboatom-made turbines for NPPs, TPPs, and hydro plants to China and third countries," a Turboatom statement said.

The two companies are also considering the possibility of supplies large-power generators (1000MWe and larger) made by Dongfang Electric Co and other equipment for the turbine island, which is not manufactured in Ukraine, for the planned units 3 and 4 of Ukraine’s Khmelnitsky nuclear plant.

Turboatom director general Victor Subbotin said that in September 2015 his company signed a protocol with Ukrainian nuclear utility Energoatom which designated Turboatom as "the prime supplier of the turbine island for Khmelnitsky 3 and 4". Ukraine’s Kharkov-based Elektrotyazhmash works has been named as a potential supplier of generators for nuclear plants with VVER reactors, which earlier were made by the Russian Power Machines. Subbotin said the works is already preparing to participate in the project and is developing generators for nuclear power plants.

He added that Energoatom and Turboatom view Dongfang Electric Co as "an alternative supplier who can fulfill orders within the shortest timeline possible". He added: "Co-funding of the new nuclear construction projects by China is also possible, at least, to cover the supplied equipment."

On 28 January, China’s state Xinhua News Agency reported that organisations in China and Ukraine are to collaborate on nuclear research and used fuel management projects under a civil nuclear cooperation agreement between eastern China’s Qingdao Xianchu Group and Ukraine’s State Scientific Technical Centre on Nuclear and Radiation Safety and the Ukrainian Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants at the National Academy of Sciences.