The UK National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) is offering two new cyber and information security courses to help nuclear companies improve their skills in the face of increasing cyber threats and information security breaches. In February 2017 the UK government  launched its National Cyber Security Strategy, which sets out the expectations, and the roles that industry, government and regulators need to play in cyber security.  The courses have been designed to guide companies in meeting these expectations.

The first course (Part A) focuses on cyber and information security from an individual perspective.  It provides an overview of the main types of cyber security threats and contains information on how to counter threats and understand the implications of both individuals and companies not complying with security protocols.

Part B, aimed at senior managers, covers the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as those emanating from the Office for Nuclear Regulation. The courses can be delivered in a range of formats, remote or face-to-face, and can be used alone or blended to provide a tailored programme to meet specific requirements.   In September NSAN will launch a short Nuclear Cyber Essentials e-learning course, designed primarily to serve the needs of companies with high volume of learners.