The town of Suttsu in Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture have applied for the first-stage survey for the government's selection of a final disposal site for nuclear waste.

The mayor of Suttsu, Kataoka Haruo, submitted the application to the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation (NWMO) in Tokyo on 9 October, Kyodo News reported.

Suttsu town is the first municipality to apply for the survey since the government released a map in July 2017 showing areas deemed suitable in scientific terms to host such sites underground.

In 2007, a town in Kochi Prefecture filed an application, but withdrew it after objections from local residents.

NWMO plans to begin the survey in Suttsu after obtaining approval from the government.

Meanwhile Kamoenai village, near to Hokkaido Electric Power Company's Tomari nuclear power plant, has expressed interest in hosting the facility.

The first-stage survey would provide up to JPY2 billion ($19m) in state subsidies over two years. Subsequent investigations would require approval from the Prefecture.