Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has sole control over the newly established Nuclear Regulatory Authority (Nükleer Düzenleme Kurumu – NDK) through Decree No. 702 published on 9 July, according to online news site Artıgerçek. 

The Turkish government has published a series of changes in the structure and functioning of the republic’s institutions, including a new decree regulating the organisation and duties of the NDK. 

The new body will regulate highly technical and multidimensional investments and production and will have no oversight from any organisation other than the president, who will determine the duties and authorities of the institution. 

The NDK administrative body, the Nuclear Regulatory Board, will have five members, all appointed by the president, who can define its duties and responsibilities, determine the members of the board, determine the chairman, and decide on the salaries of its officials. The law does not specify the qualifications required by NDK officials other than that they must be "competent people”.

Turkey Atomic Energy Agency (TAEK) is to transfer most of its duties to NDK, and in future will be responsible only for the disposal of nuclear waste. The new law says: "Radioactive waste is to be kept at the lowest possible and reasonable level with respect to quantity, volume and radioactivity." Nuclear power plant wastes will remain onsite. "Radioactive waste and used fuels generated during plant operation will be stored on the plant site for the duration of the business,” it said.