Sellafield Ltd has announced that Tata Steel is to be awarded a contract worth £20 million for the provision of packages and gamma gates at the nuclear site in Cumbria.

The four-year package of work will see Tata Steel modify and refurbish an existing fleet of ‘packages and gamma gates’, which are specialist high-integrity containers and doors used to provide shielding during the transfer of waste from the legacy storage plants at the site to modern, purpose built stores.

Sellafield Ltd said the work will enable decommissioning of the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo (MSSS), one of the four oldest nuclear waste stores on the Sellafield site, and will see nuclear material moved from the silo and transferred to a new Silo Direct Encapsulation Plant (SDP) for packaging.

"This announcement demonstrates our commitment to ensuring value for money for the UK taxpayer without compromising quality" said Paul Foster, Sellafield Ltd Managing Director.

"I am delighted to have a local company demonstrate the capability, capacity and commitment to meet the programme requirements."

Tata Steel said the contract comes off the back of work it is already doing at the Sellafield site.