Photo credit: ChNPPOn 16-17 November, Ukraine’s Chernobyl NPP (ChNPP) received delegation of the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI). The purpose of the visit was to introduce their technology for monitoring xenon isotopes and its possible application for safety of  Shelter and the New Safe Confinement NSC). This technology is widely used for monitoring nuclear safety around the world.

The Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) supported by the Swedish Radiation Safety authority has initiated a project to be implemented in collaboration with the Institute for NPPs Safety Problems of Ukraine NAS (ISPNPP) and ChNPP. The project is now at the stage of initial feasibility study.

The Swedish colleagues have briefed ChNPP’s management, nuclear and radiation safety officers, and engineers operating the Shelter and NSC complex on the technology of xenon measurements. They also visited the NSC and learned about the conditions of further research activities in-situ. At the first stage, experimental sampling of air is to be carried out using simplified equipment.

Based on the input data obtained it will be possible to install a stationary unit. Measurements of xenon could become an important tool to monitor the status of the fuel containing materials and the processes taking place, as well as to enhance the overall safety.

Photo: Swedish Defense Research Agency visited Chernobyl NPP (Photo credit: ChNPP)