Studsvik has signed a Technology Licence Agreement with Westinghouse to provide engineering services to support Westinghouse in developing a Metal Treatment Facility in the UK for contaminated metallic waste using Studsvik's sustainable technology. This long-term agreement is based on performance and milestones.

Studsvik's Waste Management Technology business area offers sustainable technology solutions for treating contaminated waste arising from operational and decommissioning activities. "The combined experience of Studsvik and Westinghouse in decommissioning and waste treatment will ensure that the Metal Treatment Facility in the UK will provide an efficient and economical option for contaminated waste treatment", said Mikael Karlsson, Business Areas President, Waste Management Technology.

"Bringing together the Westinghouse capabilities and existing infrastructure at our Springfields site, with the metals treatment expertise of Studsvik, will create a sustainable solution for contaminated metals for our customers and bring long-term jobs and investment to the Lancashire region", said Kirsty Armer, Vice President of Westinghouse Environmental Services UK.

"The Technology Licence Agreement represents Studsvik's international standing in metal treatment. It will support the establishment and operation of an important technology for the treatment of contaminated metals and have a positive impact on the environment", says Camilla Hoflund, President and CEO.

Image: The Springfields nuclear fuel manufacturing facility – operated by Westinghouse (courtesy of Westinghouse)