The Studsvik site in SwedenSweden’s Studsvik has been granted patents for Treatment of Organic Radioactive Waste and Contaminated Sludge Removal.

These methods are used in Studsvik's Fluidised Bed Steam Reforming (FBSR) and Freeze-Tec technology commercial offerings.

Studsvik's FBSR technology provides treatment of high, intermediate, and low radioactive materials, produced during nuclear power plant operation and decommissioning, as well legacy wastes found at US Department of Energy sites, and similar legacy waste sites around the world.

FBSR is currently completing final testing before beginning full-scale operation to treat some 900,000 gallons of on-site legacy waste.

Studsvik's Freeze-Tec technology provides environmentally safe remediation of contaminated water beds and sludges.

The contaminated area is frozen, removed, de-watered safely without creating turbulence or spreading the contaminated matter.

Freeze-Tec technology has proven effective in treating legacy sites where contamination has leached into surrounding soil and water beds.

Studsvik's business focus areas are fuel and materials technology, reactor analysis software and technical platforms for handling, conditioning and volume reduction of radioactive waste.

FBSR and Freeze-Tec are among several innovative technologies Studsvik offers for the efficient, and environmentally safe, remediation of radioactive waste.

Photo: The Studsvik site in Sweden