US-based Holtec International has announced that its HI-STORM MPC used fuel storage technology has been selected for a fleet of six reactors at four sites in Spain. This procurement was led by Spain’s national company, Enresa, and conducted under the European Union procurement rules. Holtec’s bid was joined by Spanish equipment manufacturer Equipos Nucleares SA (ENSA) as a consortium partner.

Enresa cited several compelling reasons for their selection of the HI-STORM technology; among them: an extreme resistance to severe earthquakes, radiation blockage capability, the ability to store high heat-emitting fuel in high-capacity canisters and the ability to handle the whole range of fuel and high-level waste types needed by the plants.

The scope of work envisaged by this award includes support for the licensing process in Spain, the design of the on-site storage facilities at the four nuclear sites, design, manufacturing and supply of the HI-STORM family of storage and transport systems, and all associated handling and processing ancillaries for the four sites. By employing the HI-STORM FW and HI-STAR 190 transport systems across the four sites, Enresa is expected to reduce their costs for used fuel and waste management across the board, and provide greater certainty to the plant operations.

Holtec’s HI-STORM models are currently being deployed internationally at Angra in Brazil, Krsko in Slovenia, Sizewell B in the UK and Laguna Verde in Mexico, and at various US NPPs.

The award includes the supply of Holtec’s HI-STAR 190 transport cask, a heavily shielded cask capable of transporting every canister type currently in use at light water reactor nuclear plants with minimal dose. HI-STAR 190 has a high heat-load capacity, enabling the fuel to be readily transported offsite shortly after loading. HI-STAR 190 is available in three lengths. It can be used to transport pressurised water reactor, boiling water reactor and VVER fuel. It is designed to serve as the work horse for Holtec’s HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility in New Mexico and its counterpart – the Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine.

Image: HI-STORM family of components to be used in Spain (courtesy of Holtec)