Tihange simulatorCanada-based simulator company L3 MAPPS announced it has won a contract from Belgium's Electrabel to upgrade the Tihange 1 full scope operator training simulator. 

L3 has been contracted to implement "several modifications" to the Tihange 1 simulator, which entered into service in March 2016. 

The simulator expansion includes the addition of eight remote emergency shutdown panels for a simulated Emergency Shutdown Room (ESR), changes to the simulator’s Main Control Room (MCR) and plant information systems, and the addition of emergency diesel generator panels. It will enable operators to transfer plant control between the MCR and ESR using virtual panels. L3 MAPPS said its Orchid® Modeling Environment-based plant models would be modified to accommodate these changes and to include a new control and protection system for the simulated plant’s two main turbines.

“The simulator expansion will enhance the training capabilities for the Tihange 1 operators to deal with unlikely emergency shutdowns if the Main Control Room becomes inoperable,” commented Raphaël Reuter, ENGIE Electrabel Training Instructor. “With the expanded simulator, we will train the operators on the simulated modified plant before the changes are effective on the generating unit.”

The upgraded simulator is expected to enter service in the second quarter of 2019.  

Chinese orders for GSE Systems

Meanwhile, GSE Systems revealed it had won two orders with a total value exceeding $4 million for nuclear power system work in China.

Under the first contract, GSE will provide simulation technology and engineering services for delivery of a full scope high-fidelity nuclear power plant simulator. GSE said that the simulator would use its JADE™ software modelling suite, THEATRe, and REMARK advanced models, and would be enhanced with severe accident management simulation capability.

A second order will see GSE provide its PSA-HD real-time severe accident modelling technology for the same customer to apply to its Chinese designed CAP1400 nuclear plant simulator. The 
PSA-HD tool combines the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI’s) modular accident analysis code (MAAP) with 
GSE’s real-time High Definition Executive to enable training and analysis of beyond design basis events. "The technology will improve both operator and support staff coordination, procedure development and response training in the unlikely event of an accident," GSE Systems said.  The system has already been implemented at more than 25 nuclear power and research organisations for a variety of reactor types. 

Photo: The Tihange full scope simulator (Credit: L3 MAPPS)