Hokuriku Electric Power Company has applied for restart of Shika 2 under the Nuclear Regulatory Agency’s post-Fukushima regulations.

Post-Fukushima improvements at the eight-year-old ABWR started in June 2013, the utility said. It has improved the design basis earthquake ground motion from 600 gal to 1000 gal. It has increased the reference tsunami height from 5m to 7.1m above sea level, against which it has installed an 11m-high tsunami sea wall plus 4m high tide wall. It has strengthened fire protection measures, requested a second redundant grid connection, installed hydrogen recombiners in containment, installed alternate low-pressure water injection systems into the reactor, evaluated severe accident methods, and active faults in the area.

The reactor, on the west coast of Japan’s main Honshu island, is the 20th out of 48 units operational before Fukushima to have had a restart application filed, and its operator is the last remaining one to make at least one application, according to a 12 August report by Japan Atomic Information Forum.

Only two units, Kyushu Electric Power Company’s Sendai 1&2 have so far received draft approval, in July. Official approval is due after a month of public comment, due to expire on 16 August.

Image: Installation work has begun on a containment filter venting system at Shika 2