Rostov 1-4Russia’s Leningrad 2-1 began commercial pilot operation on 28 March. Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom said the unit would undergo testing at various power levels (40%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100%)  before the commercial operation begins at full power later this year.

The Generation III+ VVER-1200/491 was formally commissioned on 6 February and connected to the grid on 9 March 2018.    Construction of the plant, adjacent to the existing Leningrad nuclear plant in Sosnovy Bor, began in October 2008. The Leningrad plant has four operating RBMK-1000 units, which will eventually be replaced by Leningrad-II with four VVER-1200 units.

Vladimir Pereguda, director of Leningrad NPP, said: "We reached the final stage of commissioning. The experimental and industrial operation is a rather lengthy and extremely responsible stage. This is the last step before beginning… commercial operation of the unit."

Rostov 4, a VVER-1000 reactor, is also scheduled to be put into full operation at the end of May 2018 as part of its pilot operation, ready for commercial service in October, according to plant director Andrey Salnikov. By mid-April, Rostov 4 plans to be operating at 75% of full capacity.  The unit was first connected to the grid in February 2018.

Photo: The Rostov nuclear plant (Credit: Rosenergoatom)