A new technology for reactor core diagnostics, which uses neutrinos as a detection agent, will be used for the first time in Russia at unit 4 of the Kalinin NPP, according to Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom. A neutrino detector, called DANNS and certified by the International Atomic Energy Agency, will be tested for its ability to remotely measure some parameters of the reactor core during operation, such as heat output and fuel composition, a statement said. The project is important for the development of reactor core diagnostic techniques because the new methodology can identify the areas with the highest energy release, estimate fuel consumption rates, and monitor the reactor core in emergency situations, Mikhail Kanyshev, director of Kalinin NPP said. According to Rosatom, some experts say the DANSS neutrino detector could potentially be useful for the general development of nuclear energy and new reactor types. Rosatom said the project could also support fundamental research into "sterile" neutrinos – a specific form of neutrino particle whose existence has not yet been scientifically proven.