Russian fuel company Tvel, part of state nuclear corporation Rosatom, is to develop nuclear fuel specifically for Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant. 

Tvel and MVM Paks NPP Ltd on 13 November signed a contract for engineering services for the upgrading of second-generation upgraded fuel cartridges for the plant's four VVER-440 reactors. 

Tvel specialists will modify the fuel assemblies to increase uranium capacity, and an optimise the water-uranium ratio, improving the economic efficiency of the power plant while maintaining current fuel cycle parameters. 

Paks is currently the world's only nuclear power plant with VVER-440 type reactors operating in an extended 15-month fuel cycle. The plant is supplied with second-generation fuel produced by  Mashinostroitelny Zavod in Elektrostal (also part of Rosatom). 

Tvel is contracted to provide commercial deliveries of nuclear fuel to all four power units at Paks until the end of their operation.