The Russian Foreign Ministry on 14 April asked Japan to "approach the important issue (of dealing with the Fukushima radioactive wastewater) with all responsibility”. Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a briefing: "We have expressed serious concerns over the intention of the Japanese side (to discharge the Fukushima radioactive wastewater into the ocean). We expect the Japanese government to demonstrate a proper degree of transparency and inform all countries concerned of its actions that may pose a radiation hazard." She added that Russia is awaiting a more detailed explanation.

"We hope that Tokyo will approach this important issue with full responsibility, take appropriate measures to minimise the negative impact on the marine environment, environmental degradation, and will not create difficulties for the economic activities of other states, including in the field of fisheries," she noted. Moscow also expressed regret that Tokyo did not consider it necessary to hold consultations with the Russian Federation and neighbouring states before the decision to discharge the water. "Official information from Japan on this issue is insufficient. In particular, it does not contain assessments of the risks to the ecology of the Pacific region, which may result from the above-mentioned decision," Zakharova said.