Russia has ended the agreement between the governments of Russia and Ukraine on building a third and fourth reactor of Ukraine’s Khmelnitsky NPP, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in an official statement on its legal information website on 12 January.

"The operation of the agreement between the government of Russia and Ukraine on cooperation in building the third and fourth units of the Khmelnitsky NPP, signed in Kiev on 9 June  2010 has been terminated," the document says. 

he agreement was ratified by the Ukrainian parliament on 12 January 2011. Under the contract Russia was to fund the reactors’ design and commissioning. In 2015, the Ukrainian government initiated the procedure of severing the agreement and parliament supported the proposal. The Khmelnitsky NPP is located in the town of Neteshin. It has two 1000MWe VVER-1000 reactors commissioned in 1987 and 2004.