Rosatom Director General Alexey Likhachev was part of the official Russian delegation that accompanied President Vladimir Putin on his recent state visit to Vietnam. Likhachev informed Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Min Tin about the status of the project for construction of the Centre for Nuclear Science & Technology (CNST) in Vietnam, the prospects for the resumption of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, as well as the development of bilateral cooperation related areas.

In talks with Vietnamese Minister of Science & Technology he discussed in more detail the status and plans for construction of the CNST, specialised scientific and technical cooperation, as well as training for the nuclear industry of Vietnam. Subsequently, an interdepartmental memorandum was signed on the schedule for the CNST construction.

“Vietnam is our strategic partner in the field of cooperation on peaceful atom and related high technologies,” said Likhachev after signing the memorandum. “This is a programme document that contains a clear schedule of activities for the development of the project for the period up to 2027.”

Likhachev told TASS that he had outlined nuclear energy options to the Vietnamese Prime Minister on “the entire range of our export supplies, large units, small and medium-capacity plants, and small modular reactors both in onshore and floating versions”. All would be accompanied by localisation of suppliers and workforce he said. “We will wait for their decision.”

Following the summit meeting, President Putin said that “a promising area for expanding bilateral cooperation is nuclear energy”. Vietnamese President To Lam said: “We also agreed to explore opportunities for stepping up our cooperation on new energy sources and clean energy, as well as facilitate the green transition and sustainable development.”