Russia’s NA Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering (NIKIET) will be the designer of the research reactor for the planned Nuclear Research and Technology Centre in Bolivia, according to Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom. Russia and Bolivia signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in construction of the centre on 6 March. The $300m centre will be equipped with a light water reactor of nominal power up to 200kW, a multi-purpose experimental gamma installation, as well as a cyclotron, engineering facilities and facilities for scientific and other laboratories.

Rosatom Director General Sergey Kiriyenko said the possibility of involving Argentina in construction of the centre is also being considered. "Some Argentinian participation in this project is possible. Together with the Bolivia’s government we will make a decision when we complete the design of the centre," he added. Russia and Argentina signed an intergovernmental agreement nuclear cooperation in 2014 and negotiations on various projects is continuing, he said.