Rusatom Overseas has signed sub-supplier contracts with three Russian companies – Atomenergomash, Gidropress and Titan 2 – for Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 nuclear project in Finland.

The contracts were signed at the end of December following a competitive bidding process, Rusatom Overseas said.

Titan 2 has been selected as the main building contractor for the plant. It will be responsible for site preparation, construction and installation works, as well as the design and supply of most of the materials and equipment for the nuclear island. The company, which has been heavily involved in the construction of Leningrad II, the reference plant for the Finnish project, will also construct buildings and roads, design and supply I&C equipment and landscape the site.

Atomenergomash, the equipment manufacturing and engineering division of Rosatom, will design, manufacture and supply the main long-lead equipment items for Hanhikivi 1, including the nuclear steam supply system equipment. It will also be responsible for supervising the equipment installation and commissioning.

Engineering firm OKB Gidropress will provide basic design and other necessary services for the nuclear island equipment. Rusatom Overseas has previously signed a contract with Atomproekt for the development of the Hanhikivi design documentation.

With the key suppliers announced, Finnish and international companies will now be able to bid for work on the project.

"With contracting key sub-suppliers the Hanhikivi project has entered important next stage of its planned development," said Vadim Ryabov, deputy general director on Hanhikivi NPP project, Rusatom Overseas.

"The road is fully open and clear for many local companies to become partners for the NPP construction. We have asked our suppliers, first of all Titan 2, to start as soon as possible direct talks with Finnish and international companies on the wide scope of works, goods and services to be subcontracted locally," Ryabov added.

Titan 2 will launch a website with tender documentation in early March and will hold a seminar in Pyhäjoki later that month for companies interested in getting involved in Hanhikivi construction, Rusatom Overseas said.

Photo: Hanhikivi 1 image (Credit: Rosatom)