TVEL, the fuel manufacturer subsidiary of Russia’s Rosatom has signed a nuclear fuel supply contract for two new VVER-1200 reactors at Xudapu 3&4 (also known as Xudabao).

The contract – signed with China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation, CNNP Liaoning Nuclear Power and CNNP Suneng Nuclear Power – includes fuel for the first core as well as for several further refuellings.

Two Russian-design VVER-1200 reactors are planned for the Xudapu nuclear plant in the Huludao district of China's northeastern Liaoning province. The launch of unit 3 is scheduled for 2027 and unit 4 for 2028. The project is being developed by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

“Together with our Chinese partners, we have come a long way working-out whole packages of contracts for the projects of Tianwan NPP and Xudapu NPP, as well as CFR-600 fast neutron reactor," said Evgeny Pakermanov, president of Rusatom Overseas JSC, which coordinated the contract negotiations from the Russian side. "We have already started [to accomplish] these projects and now negotiate some new joint projects with the Chinese partners,” he added. 

In July, TVEL signed a nuclear-fuel supply contract for two VVER-1200 units at Tianwan 7&8. The contract for the supply of nuclear fuel to CFR-600 came into force in January 2019.

Natalia Nikipelova, president of TVEL noted that Rosatom and CNNC have a strategic partnership in the nuclear fuel cycle that goes beyond just nuclear fuel supply. "TVEL provides technological development for the localisation of VVER fuel manufacturing in China's Yibin fuel plant, the introduction of longer fuel cycles at China’s VVER units and helps developing fuel for China’s fast neutron reactors. These projects…make a foundation for our long-time cooperation," she said.

Photo: Xudapu nuclear fuel contract signing ceremony (Credit: TVEL)