AEM-Spetsstal, part of Rosatom’s Engineering Division has begun forging key blanks for the low-power NPP (ASMM – Atomnoi Stantsii Maloi Moshnosti) project, which Rosatom is building in Yakutia. The blanks will be used to make the shell, flanges, rings, bottoms and other elements of the latest RITM-200N reactor unit.

Forging of the blanks is carried out on an automated forge complex, one of the largest in Europe. It can make workpieces of any configuration from ingots weighing up to 440 tonnes. After going through all stages, including heating and machining, the workpieces will be shipped to other Rosatom enterprises for further assembly into finished products.

The first steel pouring for the preparation of the ASMM ground project at AEM-Spetsstal began in December 2023. The plant is the flagship for the production of metallurgical blanks for all types of nuclear installations of Russian design. Blanks are now being produced from which VVER reactor vessels for 12 new nuclear power units in India, Turkey, Egypt and other countries will be manufactured in the future. In addition, the company produces blanks for reactor plants of the RITM-200 type, which will be installed on floating power units.

Image courtesy of Mechanical Engineering Division of Rosatom