Rosatom has registered a new company – JSC Rusatom Energy Projects — that will promote and contract on the world market the entire product line of the state corporation: from high-capacity nuclear power plants (NPPs) to microreactors. 

"Taking into account the large-scale plans for the construction of new carbon-free generation facilities in the world as part of the global energy transition, additional concentration of Rosatom's efforts in the market for the construction of nuclear power plants abroad is necessary,” Rosatom said.

To solve this problem, Rosatom decided to create a new company based on JSC Rusatom Overseas (JSC RAOS), "which since its inception has significantly outgrown its original goals and objectives, in fact becoming a successful engineering and business development company".

Currently RAOS is building a Centre for Nuclear Research and Technology in Bolivia, several centres of nuclear medicine in the Russian Federation, is implementing a project to build the first low-power ground-based nuclear power plant in Yakutia, and is developing a promising area of hydrogen energy.

The function of the new JSC Rusatom Energy Projects, in addition to international sales of the integrated offer of NPPs, will also include the completion of the power and technological range of solutions (from ultra-low power to generation IV reactors) to meet the demand of various categories of potential consumers.

Andrey Rozhdestvin, who previously held the position of Regional Vice President for Western Europe at Rusatom – International Network, which also promotes Rosatom products to the world market – has been appointed General Director of JSC Rusatom Energy Projects.

Rosatom said it currently controls over 70% of the nulcear power plant export market. In the past few years alone, unique package agreements have been signed for the construction of eight new units in Egypt and China. The portfolio of orders for the construction of nuclear power plants abroad is unprecedented: 35 power units in 12 countries. Work continues actively on contracting new units in India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.