Romanian nuclear utility Societatea Națională Nuclearelectrica (SNN) visited South Korea’s Doosan Enerbility plant in Changwon, as part of the delegation led by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. The purpose of the visit was to assess Doosan's advanced SMR production capabilities with a view to developing bilateral cooperation and technological exchange. During this visit, tours of forging and nuclear workshops took place, and vital installations for small modular reactor (SMR) production were reviewed.

SNN CEO Cosmin Ghita noted: "The Romanian SMR Project will benefit from the highest level of nuclear safety and technological robustness. Doosan Enerbility, with their internationally acknowledged experience in nuclear equipment manufacturing and advancements in SMR technologies, will significantly contribute to ensuring that by the end of the 2030s, Romania will become a benchmark in advanced nuclear technology implementation and efficient long-term clean energy projects."

He further emphasised the collaborative benefits for the Romanian and Korean nuclear industries, including accelerating cooperation and developing the value chain.

Image courtesy of SNN