Actinium-225 medical radioisotope held in a v-vial at US Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Photo credit: ORNL)Australia’s Radiopharm Theranostics and US-based TerraPower have announced an agreement to advance the next generation of radiopharmaceutical therapies for cancer treatment.

“There is tremendous growth projected for radiopharmaceutical therapies over the next 5-10 years, when you can combine the right molecule with the right Isotope in areas of high unmet medical needs. Access to high quality Actinium-225 allows us to accelerate the clinical development of our broad pipeline,” said Riccardo Canevari, CEO and managing director of Radiopharm. “We are privileged to be a part of this journey as we work with TerraPower to transform outcomes for patients suffering from oncological diseases.”

“Through our TerraPower Isotopes work, we harness our focus on nuclear science and innovation and apply it to the health care sector to enable the development of targeted and potentially lifesaving cancer treatments,” said Scott Claunch, President of TerraPower Isotopes. “Our collaboration with Radiopharm Theranostics aligns with our vision to provide broad industry access to Actinium-225, enabling partners to develop much-needed radiopharmaceuticals.”  

Since 2018, TerraPower has been working to increase the supply of Actinium-225 from Thorium-229 decay, which is derived from Uranium-233 managed by the US Department of Energy. Actinium-225 is an alpha-emitting radionuclide with significant promise in effectively treating cancer patients. It can be attached to a targeting molecule, which will then selectively target and destroy cancerous tissue.

Under this agreement, TerraPower’s subsidiary, TerraPower Isotopes, LLC, will supply Actinium-225 to Radiopharm Theranostics. The Actinium-225 will be utilised in drug trials involving targeted alpha therapy in multiple disease areas.

Photo: Actinium-225 medical radioisotope held in a v-vial at US Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Photo credit: ORNL)