Kursk II constructionRussia will allocate some RUB22 billion($320 million for the construction of the Kursk II nuclear power plant in 2020.

The funds will be spent on the construction of both the main facilities – the reactor buildings, turbines, cooling towers, auxiliary administrative buildings, backup energy supply, and pumping station recharge.

Construction of 44 facilities is now underway at the site.

“All the construction and installation work planned for February and deliveries to the construction site of equipment ready for this period have been completed in full,” said Nikolai Mitrofanov, First Deputy Director for New Unit Construction on 5 March.

In February, specialists completed two key events – concreting the overlap at the level of – 0.05 metres of the auxiliary reactor building at Kursk II-2 and installation of the first tier of the outer protective shell of the reactor at Kursk II-1. Specialists fully completed reinforcement of the ring foundation of the evaporative cooling tower for unit 1.

“Most of the funds in February were allocated for construction and installation works – more than RUB379 million,” Mitrofanov added.  

"The next key event will be the beginning of wall concreting at minus 4.25  metres of the building for the reserve control unit. We plan to start these works in mid-April.”

Currently, 4699 people are working at the Kursk II construction site, excluding engineering personnel. Kursk II will be a replacement station for decommissioned units of the current Kursk nuclear plant. Commissioning of the first two units with the new VVER-TOI reactor will be synchronised with the decommissioning of Kursk 1&2.

Photo: Kursk II under construction (Credit: Rosenergoatom)