The Saint-Petersburg Research and Survey Institute Energoizyskania (SPb NIII EIZ) has called for bids to fulfil the annual cycle of oceanographic works in the Mediterranean near the site of the planned El Dabaa NPP in Egypt. According to the procurement documentation, the initial (maximum) price of the contract has been set at RUB50.980m ($796,181). The tender will be decided on 25 August. The work is to be done within 13 months of the contract being signed.

The contracted work includes: installation and maintenance of three automatic stations which monitor the sea level, wave parameters, temperature and salinity of seawater, direction and speed of the current, as well as calculations based on monitoring results and preparation of a technical report.

Russia and Egypt signed an intergovernmental agreement on the cooperation in construction and operation of the NPP with 1,200MWe reactors in November 2015. The general NPP construction contract is expected to be signed before the end of 2016. The cost of is estimated at more than $26bn.

SPb NIII EIZ has also called for bids to conduct the detailed seismic zoning and specification of seismic hazard for drafting the project documentation for the El Dabaa plant. According to Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom’s procurement website, the initial (maximum) price of the contract has been set at RUB37.7m ($587,505) and the tender results will be announced on 8 August.

The work involves assessing the seismic hazard of the El Dabaa region. It includes an analysis of results of previous seismic studies on the NPP site, an assessment of influence imposed by remote sources of earthquakes, an assessment of seismicity of NPP location (safe shutdown earthquake and design basis earthquake, plotting the seismic tectonic maps etc.).The final technical report should be delivered by the contractor before 14 February 2017.