A three-dimensional scanning system has been tested at the Petrozavodsk branch of Russia’s AEM-Technologies (part of Rosatom’s mechanical engineering division Atomenergomash).

Using a 3D scanner, the geometric dimensions and deviations from the shape of products of different dimensions were measured. After processing the measurement results for each of the products, a digital model and a graphic report were obtained, confirming the absence of deviations, Petrozavodskmash said on 26 August.

The metrological service of Petrozavodskmash already has at its disposal non-contact measuring instruments using laser technologies. A mobile coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a surface scanner is used for scanning products up to 1.5 metres in size, a CMM based on a laser tracker is used for dimensions up to 50 metres. The new installation will complement those already in place.

The main advantage of the 3D scanning system is the high speed of scanning and data processing. For comparison: it takes Petrozavodskmash metrologists from 8 to 12 hours to measure the main elements of a pressure compensator bottom with a laser tracker, with subsequent processing of the results taking up to four hours. A continuous scan of the outer surface of the bottom during the demo was performed in two hours, the subsequent processing of the results also took about two hours.

“The introduction of digital technologies into the work of the quality service of AEM-technologies is a single solution within the framework of the development of a digital production system, said Andrey Kuntysh, Quality Director of Petrozavodskmash. “Taking into account the positive experience of using the scanning system in the Volgodonsk branch, the purchase of a new 3D scanning system in Petrozavodsk will significantly increase the speed and quality of control measurements, making it posible to redistribute the work between the coordinate measuring machines of Petrozavodskmash, and to obtain high-precision digital twins of the controlled products.”