AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology has introduced ICS™, an Integrated Cryocooling System that supports premium detector resolution without the use of liquid nitrogen (LN2). Cryostats are required to maintain the energy resolution of the detector.

ICS is the newest integrated electromechanical cooling system from ORTEC for high-purity Germanium (HPGe) radiation detectors and exploits the latest advancements in cryogenic technology to provide LN2 -free operation with no loss of detector performance.

The ICS incorporates a hardened cryostat that eliminates thermal cycling and is capable of operating over an extended environmental range.

ORTEC said that its Active Cancellation System technology virtually eliminates vibrational and audible noise, and claims that the result of this is resolution performance comparable to LN2 -cooled systems.

The system can be retrofitted to new or existing gamma spectrometry installations and is compatible with a range of ORTEC and non-ORTEC detector models and signal processing electronics.