Orano TN, the logistics subsidiary of France-based nuclear fuel cycle company, Orano, has been awarded a multi-million euro contract by the UK's LLW Repository Ltd, for the supply of packaging, professional services and equipment for the transport of waste from UK nuclear facilities. 

The contract covers the requirements of multiple UK nuclear site licence companies for up to six years. It marks an important milestone in establishing a long-term partnership with the UK to achieve LLWR’s mission for the safe and cost-effective transport of waste to a central storage facility at Sellafield, Orano said. 

The scope of the contract includes the modernisation and maintenance of three TN Gemini type packages, currently owned by the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, with the supply of logistical equipment recently approved by the French Nuclear Safety Authority that will facilitate the transport of legacy waste stored on Magnox sites in TN Gemini containers.

Photo: The LLWR site