France’s Orano NPS, a subsidiary of Orano, said on 16 May it had recently signed a long-term contract with Cyclife, the EDF entity in charge of dismantling and nuclear waste management, for the transport of 16 used steam generators (SGs). They will be transported from their operating site in Germany to Sweden to be processed at the EDF Cyclife industrial site. The services cover the preparation, carrying out, and coordination of a multimodal road, river and sea transport. The contract is exceptional not only because of the dimensions and masses of the SGs (approximately 300 tons, 19 metres long and 5 metres in diameter), but also because it encompasses both the extraction of the steam generators as well as their transport, known as "Rip & Ship".

Orano said, thanks to its proven expertise and its reinforced means, in particular with the recent acquisitions of STSI and Orano NCS GmbH, Orano NPS has all the skills necessary to carry out this type of transport. Thibault Louvet, Director of Orano NPS Strategy, Sales and Operations noted: “With this contract, Orano NPS confirms its strong commitment to supporting its customers with its comprehensive nuclear waste transport solutions at the international level, combining expertise and an optimal logistics approach.”