Dungeness AInternational nuclear engineering, project management and services contractor Nuvia has secured a contract from Magnox to design, supply, integrate and commission plant and equipment for the Dungeness Waste Transfer Area (WTA) Facility.

The WTA retrieves, processes and packages intermediate-level waste (ILW) from buffer storage packages into final transport and disposal packages. It will process multiple waste streams, so the flexibility of plant and equipment is required. The equipment will be installed within an existing building.
“We are delighted to have been chosen to deliver this interesting project, which will assist Magnox in its mission to remove the solid wastes and further its whole decommissioning programme," commented John Ball, operations director of Nuvia. "We look forward to a continuing collaborative relationship”.

Dungeness A comprises two magnox reactors, which began generating electricity in 1965, and ceased generation at the end of 2006. In July 2012 the site transitioned from the defuelling to the decommissioning phase.

Photo: Dungeness A site (Credit: Magnox)