Nuvia is to provide EDF with Fuel Flask Multi-Counter Equipment at AGR stations (Credit: NUVIA)UK-based Nuvia has secured a contract to supply the WIMP60x10 – Multiple Wipe Test Counter to EDF to support the decommissioning and defuelling programme across their advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) stations.

As EDF sites move towards defuelling, flask movements/throughput and, in turn, contamination surveys will increase significantly; the WIMP60x10 will help introduce efficiencies and support defuelling at each EDF site through rapid analysis and consistent flask contamination survey swabs reporting.

For each AGR station, Nuvia will provide the following equipment and services to facilitate and support defuelling:

  • Two WIMP 60×10 multi-counters at each specified EDF site. Each multi-counter will incorporate 10 detectors and simultaneously analyse alpha and beta contamination levels within named measurement protocols. Each multi-counter will report the analysis results in an agreed format.
  • Professional services to train key staff in the use of the multi-counter and production of reports.
  • Annual Support and Maintenance Package.

The scope of supply includes all required documentation to support the design, manufacture, works test, delivery, installation, test, and commissioning, including qualification and substantiation evidence to support Safety and Security Cases, including Station specific documentation where applicable.

Last year, the UK government entered into new arrangements with EDF Energy regarding the decommissioning of the seven AGR stations in the UK. Previously EDF was responsible for the full defuelling and decommissioning of the stations.

The new arrangements will incentivise EDF to achieve the defuelling of the AGR stations in a cost effective manner. After defuelling is completed, ownership of the stations will transfer to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and its Magnox Ltd subsidiary will complete the decommissioning. 

Photo: Nuvia is to provide EDF with Fuel Flask Multi-Counter Equipment at AGR stations (Credit: Nuvia)